Supply Chain Officer at Medecins du Monde: Deadline 29/01/2021


Position: Supply Chain Officer
Job Type: Full Time
Qualification: HND/BA/BSC
Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Experience: 5 years
Job Field: Procurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain

Hierarchical & Functional Links:

  • The supply Chain Officer works under the responsibility of the Logistic coordinator.
  • He supports the Logistic coordinator for all supply and transportation, storage in the mission:
  • Realize purchasing at the better prices and qualities
  • Ensure to follow all purchase process (under MDM procurement process)
  • Work in close collaboration with the Logistic coordinator and pharmacist on all medical orders and deliveries
  • Follow up of medical item deliveries with the Logco and pharmacist
  • Keep and update all logistic purchase files system at the mission level
  • Assist the pharmacist for stock management
  • Any other additional duties requested by his supervisor,
  • Support on technical side the base log of the mission on supply;

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Objective 1:

In collaboration with the Logistic coordinator responsible for supervising the supply chain at Mission level:

  • Responsible for local purchasing of goods for the mission, upon instruction and under the supervision of the MDM Purchasing procedures
  • Purchase goods ensuring the optimum price/quality ratio on the market;
  • Collecting quotations and checking prices for purchase of goods, medical equipment; services, and work
  • Ensure that the suppliers fill in all receipts/invoices for mission purchases correctly;
  • Ensure the delivery of all purchased items to the requester, collects the proof of delivery and proceeds to the validation of the invoices by the Logistic coordinator and Admin.
  • Do not accept money, loans, credits, gifts, entertainment or commissions from past, present or future suppliers.
  • In collaboration with the LogCo Ensure the implementation of supply procedure according to MDM procedure
  • Monitor the supply, the deadlines, delivery dates on with board;
  • In collaboration with the LogCo make sure that all purchase done by following the financial plan, cash forecast;
  • Check the Purchase dossier before sending for validation on respect of MDM procurement procedure;
  • Update the purchase follow up, and shared it with project team and Logco, once a month;
  • Anticipate the supply activities related to projects and convey to purchaser on time
  • Participate in project procurement plan of the mission
  • He provide technical support on supply chain management and procedure to the base log supply assistant

Object 2: Transport:

  •  Anticipate the transport needs for projects and Logs at mission level;
  • Make sure the safe & on-time transportation of material to the field or between warehouse,
  • In collaboration with the Logco, anticipate the need of daily worker for of loading, and loading in each request make sure that the following information (Number of daily worker, purpose of work, volume, quantity, weight, duration). Be sure that the daily worker rate payment of MDM Nigeria is followed.
  • Make sure that all transport document are in place and signed by the required staff, Waybill, packing list, contract, etc.
  • Make sure that all material is checked when of loading before storage.

Objective 3: Stock Management:

  • Check, record and put away goods received, under the supervision of the Logco.
  • Regularly check inventory levels (physical counts);
  • Support pharmacist for the storage make sure that drugs is stored on good condition, the first in first out is respected, temperature, the items are well identified (names, project, donors) etc.
  • When an order is received: in collaboration with the pharmacist Check the number of packages, packaging and content and inform the pharmacist and Logco of any problems (missing or damaged goods, etc.).
  • After receipt, puts the goods away following instructions of the log base.
  • After receipt, immediately update the stock cards, recording the reference number of the receipt document, and put the goods away.
  • Ensure that all items are well organised and correctly stored, well protected, fully identified and easily accessible (cleanliness, security, access, etc.). .

Objective 4: Base meeting and report:

  • Participate meetings at the Logistic coordination meeting;
  • Participate at the coordination meeting for the purchase update once a week,
  • Participate with the Logistic coordinator at the monthly SITREP, each last week of the month
  • Participate with the Logistic coordinator at the Logistic monthly report each end of the month (none asset inventory, purchase follow up) and submitted to the logistic coordinator.
  • Update the supplier data list, on monthly basis.
  • Update the data prices on monthly basis.

NOTE: Interested and qualified candidates should send a copy of their CV and Cover letter to: using ''Supply Chain Officer'' as the subject of the email.

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