100% Indian Scholarship

The Government of India under the Ministry of External Affairs will allow Africans to study online first and second degree (Masters degree) for free (100% scholarship) from various major universities in the country such as: Lovely Professional  University (LPU), Indira Gandhi National Open University, Chandigarh University, Guru Jhambheswar University of Science and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University, and others.

They will give you the opportunity to study in different fields such as: Science, Commerce, Computer Science, Management, Economics, Languages, Humanities and Arts, and others.

At first, they made the international passport mandatory to sell and a person can fill it, but as a result of the complaints made to them, they made it optional, it is not mandatory now.  National identity card is sufficient.

Use this great opportunity before it escapes.

Their degree is the same as that of the National Open University (NOUN), I can tell you that it is even better than theirs because it is recognized worldwide.

If you have time to go on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, etc., then I assure you that your business will not prevent you from doing this study.

At first they made 31st July, 2022 as the last day, but because of interest they extended the dead-line until 15th August, 2022. (today two weeks left to close).

Another interesting thing about this degree is that you will finish it in three years, and you have nothing to do with strikes.

To apply click here.

If you log in and register, they will verify your email and then they will allow you to log in to their site, choose the course you want and the University they are doing, then just apply.

 Finally, I hope you take advantage of this opportunity before it slips away.

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  1. I need a little money to sponsor my self because I'm a student

    1. I need a little money to sponsor my self because I'm a student


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